Spa Chemicals How To

Learning to properly balance chemicals in your spa or hot tub CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. While many spa owners choose to take the easy path and assume that the hot tub is ready for bathers, negligence of the spa water balance, and more importantly the sanitizer levels in the water, can be fatal. Legionella bacteria present in source water can make you seriously ill, and you do not even need to be in the water, being near the water or putting your hand in the water is enough.

How To Balance Chemicals In Hot Tubs

Fortunately you have found this tutorial and you are about to learn exactly how to maintain chemical levels and balance in your hot tub or spa. You will learn about sanitizers like chlorine and bromine and alternative sanitizers like salt water hot tubs. Additionally you will learn where most spa owners go wrong which is in the pH balance as well as the total alkalinity and calcium hardness.

The tutorial begins with the most important aspect of hot tub care and water chemistry - chemical sanitizers

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